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Resorts Dominica

Beach Resort in Dominica

Dominica is a pretty sand space, which remains untarnished and non-commercialized. This is the fact that makes this place perfect place for a beach getaway. Dominica has adopted the modern amenities, but it has not lost it seaside charm. The culture has managed to preserve itself and adjust itself with time. Dominica offers the true Caribbean experience. It is the one place on Caribbean side that has black sand and golden honey colored beaches! Dominica remains a rather unknown treasure of the Caribbean paradise. Resorts in Dominica that cater to all your needs are available.

This secluded part of Caribbean has the best of the seaside. The Evergreen Hotel, near Roseau offers the authentic Dominica experience. It has beautiful rooms and even a beach-side hut. It has the option of renting a beach view room with a private balcony. Every room is tastefully decorated and has all required facilities like wireless internet, laundry service, television set with cable, air conditioned rooms etc.

Beach Resorts in Dominica have become famous, as this Caribbean gem of a place gained heights in tourism. The food options at the Evergreen Hotel include lunch and dinner service at the popular Sea Surge Restaurant & Bar. You can enjoy your dinner whilst enjoying a scenic sunset, or simply have leisure lunch watching the sea. There are many tropical meals and fancy cocktails available here. There is a list of activities you can choose from. There is diversity in natural phenomenon like clear waterfalls from cliffs and hot water springs. Apart from the water sports and snorkeling, there is an option of whale watching and sea turtle hatching. You can also visit several sea caves and Botanical gardens. There are beach side churches which can be a wonderful venue for a wedding.
Go for a quiet retreat and revitalize yourself at Evergreen Hotels in Dominica