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Vacation Packages in Dominica

Dominica Vacation Packages

Dominica is famously known as ‘Nature Isle of the Caribbean’ as it still retains its natural beauty. This is a beautiful island formed by volcanic eruptions and hence has contrasting geographical phenomenon. It has serene and secluded beaches. Dominica also has a rich culture and a vibrant lifestyle. It checks off every box on an ideal vacation spot. Due to this fact, different types of Vacation packages in Dominica are available.

One of the best places to stay in Dominica would be the Evergreen Hotel. It has a fantastic mix of a Caribbean resort and a comfortable feel of a home. It is closer to the capital Roseau too, thus the airports are fairly close by. The Evergreen Hotel has a section of rooms and a beach side hut. It provides all the necessary modern amenities like wireless internet, Laundry, TV with cable and air conditioners. There is the lovely Sea Surge Restaurant and Bar, which offers delicious meals and tropical drinks. The Evergreen hotel is perfect place to stay if you are in Dominica for a family vacation, a honeymoon, a company retreat, a destination wedding or even a college trip. Vacation packages for Dominica differ according to the occasion. Apart from the living arrangements at Evergreen Hotel, other attractions in Dominica can be arranged in the Vacation packages if requested.

Dominica has a holiday adventure for every age group. It has a variety of geographical wonders. People always visit the hot spring ‘Boiling lake’. Apart from turtle hatching and whale watching, Dominica is also home to many tropical birds. There are bird watching groups which are scheduled according to the weather. There is also dolphin watching and swimming available.  Dominica offers water sports, adventure sports, hiking and even sky diving.

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